Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s Next?

Next I’m working on character creation and general “before the game actually starts” stuff.

As far as character creation is concerned, each permutation of race, class, and gender will yield a different sprite/portrait result.  This is to compensate for the fact that armor does not (and will not) appear on your character in any way. Only the weapon and off-hand item.

Over time, as I add classes and races, the number of sprites I have to draw will bloat multiplicatively. I think I’ll be able to handle it, the sprites and portraits aren’t animated after all, and there might not be so many classes and races, maybe four of each I think. So that’s 4x4x2 = 32. Reasonable.


Update #3

Alright. A lot more in this update than the last one. But it’s far from a balanced or content-complete experience, I assure you. Welcome to version 0.03.

-Added some animations and effects for combat.

-Actor sprites now flip when they move or act along the X axis.

-Added a bag item. It alters the amount of inventory space you can carry. Be a dear and test this thoroughly for me. I’m not 100% confident in the coding of this thing.

-You can now right-click an item from the ground to instantly place it in your inventory.

-You can now change the game’s simulation speed using the button under the health bar. Good for getting around faster.

-World draw order reconfigured.

-Added a diablo-esque tooltips system for all items. Includes things like the name and what stats it alters.

-Fixed a turn timing bug that kept the player from attacking and moving at the correct speed.

-..and here’s a space for things I forgot to record in the changelog.



Tomorrow: back to work. Or maybe today.

Who knows?

Update #2

-Added a track of music by Blue Warrior. More tracks are in the music folder than are used.

-Player now has the ability to see their stats AND upgrade stats after level up.

I will, begrudgingly, be on a three-day trip to a friend’s wedding. Don’t expect updates.

Day One

For the purpose of having a place that people can keep up on my work with this computer game, I’ve started this small, simple blog.

It is on this webpage that I will announce new releases, features, and news about Clarion, so stay tuned if you’re even the least bit interested!

Head to the download page to try the first ever public release.