Update #3

Alright. A lot more in this update than the last one. But it’s far from a balanced or content-complete experience, I assure you. Welcome to version 0.03.

-Added some animations and effects for combat.

-Actor sprites now flip when they move or act along the X axis.

-Added a bag item. It alters the amount of inventory space you can carry. Be a dear and test this thoroughly for me. I’m not 100% confident in the coding of this thing.

-You can now right-click an item from the ground to instantly place it in your inventory.

-You can now change the game’s simulation speed using the button under the health bar. Good for getting around faster.

-World draw order reconfigured.

-Added a diablo-esque tooltips system for all items. Includes things like the name and what stats it alters.

-Fixed a turn timing bug that kept the player from attacking and moving at the correct speed.

-..and here’s a space for things I forgot to record in the changelog.


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