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Update #11

I wish I could have gotten more done, but I was visiting family for most of the day.

-New grass and dirt tiles which match up nicely.

-The ONE skill is now usable. You get skills by placing skill books into open skill slots. You unlock slots with your levelup points. Each slot you unlock is more powerful than the last, meaning that the skill you put in them will be more effective. Didn’t have enough to time to add more skills because…

-I added stamina to the game. Now all characters (except shopkeepers) have to sleep or else they become drowsy. Drowsy characters have some of their stats reduced until they sleep. So far, the player may only sleep at an inn or a normal bed (which are now usable). TheĀ  town guards also have their A.I. changed so that they seek out a bed to sleep in at night if they start getting tired. Characters who are sleeping wake up once their stamina is fully refreshed or if they take damage.


Update #10

I didn’t get around to making the skills usable yet, but I did add, fix, and change tons of other things. Most of those changes are less obvious, and more internal. I found myself doing a lot of work related to optimization, A.I., save files, and fixing potential bugs.

Do not attempt loading old saves! I changed more than a few things with saves.

So, there’s not much more gameplay content in this update, it’s mostly just fixes and cosmetic improvements. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it and find some bugs for me…

I’ll spare you the changelog for now, I figure it’ll be more exciting to see the changes yourself. Plus, I didn’t make a changelog and I am sleepy. Leave me alone.

Good News!

Some awesome people donated a significant sum of their money, and I can now afford to keep up my internet connection, with some left over for other expenses.

Truth be told, it has been hard for me to keep things going, but your help has further motivated me.

So, now I don’t need to worry about rushing this next update.

Bad News!

I’ll have to shut off my internet and cable to save money. This will occur around November 1st.

So, I won’t be able to provide news or new builds.

However, I’ll keep working on the game, and maybe every once in a while I’ll take advantage of a Starbucks to get something out, but releases will be far less frequent.

Wish me luck…


The next update should be around in about… two or three days at worst. I’ve been hard at work. Here’s some things you can expect.

-Slightly fancier U.I. which also doesn’t break itself when you die.

-A.I. capable of pathing through, opening, and closing doors, but only if they’re humanoid.

-The introduction of active skills/abilities. There’ll only be a handful at first just to make sure it all works. Enemies and NPCs will also have access to such skills.

-A painstaking amount of optimizations. Literally spent a whole day just making the game run better, and oh boy does it. The FOV algorithm, which now runs at an acceptable pace even in open areas with a radius the size of the view, is now more accurate when revealing corners and walls. Also improved performance on the new shadow effects.

-Numerous fixes related to save data. Like one instance where the pathing grid was not loaded correctly. And another where the description of items was set to “0”.

Update #9

I forgot to make a changelog! Enjoy!

But the big things are:

-Town generator. Each of the important NPC’s now have their own building.

-Same generator is now used to place some new things into dungeons.

-You can now HOLD DOWN the numpad buttons to move the camera. No idea why it wasn’t like this before. It’s far nicer now.

-Guards, Innkeepers.

-New lighting effects.

-I optimized the world drawing considerably, but I capped the framerate to 30 anyway, for consistency. You’ll notice the game doesn’t slow and speed up randomly like before.

-I may have fixed the corpse freeze bug.

-And NUMEROUS small fixes and additions that I simply cannot remember right now.

I Swear I’m Not Lazy

I’ve been working on the next update since the last update, go figure. There’s a lot that’s changed.

There’s lots of little fixes and tweaks, more than I’ve recorded. But the most notable things are:

-New lighting effects. Actors have blob shadows, your FOV will be blurred at the edges instead of just being blocky squares of light, and a pseudo ambient occlusion effect has been added to the sides of solid tiles. I was able to add these effects after I made some big optimizations to the world drawer.

-Smoother framerate. I capped the game to 30fps so that it wouldn’t keep rubber-banding between 35 and 60 like it was. You’ll see that it’s a LOT more consistent. A worthy trade-off considering it’s a roguelike with very limited animation.

-I completed the world piece editor, and am using it to populate the town with buildings and other landmarks. It will also be used to put pre-made things into other areas…

-A little clock that tells the in-game time.

Expect the next update around tomorrow or the next day.

Check Up

For the next update I want to go ahead and get the skill system out of the way.

I just completed a status ailments framework and a few fixes and UI additions as well.

Update #8

Clarion v0.07 Changelog

-Save files are again made obsolete from older versions.
-Added a Y/N prompt for unlocking doors. Can be used for other things down the line too.
-Corrected an issue that caused objects’ use time to double and/or the Player’s turn to be skipped by one tick. Also removed unnecessary use time for some situations.
(Like trying to open an already opened chest.)
-Added a currency to the game.
-Items now show how much they heal the player when used in the tooltip.
-Added a new “+/-X% Heal Gain” random modifier.
-Fixed a mistake that wiped a character’s level up bonuses on loading a game. Big whoops.
-Fixed the LUCK stat for items and characters not being recorded in save files.
-Added more variation to most of the world tiles
-Added a sort of town area before the dungeon starts.
-Added the first NPC, the gambler. You can buy randomized equipment from him.
-Added an escape rope item. It allows the player to escape to the overworld. One-time use. No way back without walking.
-Attacking an NPC marks you as a villain. This changes how NPCs react to you.
-Greatly Improved A.I. escape routines. They make better paths while running, and will attack if cornered.
-Added a new weapon modifier that allows a weapon to do magical damage as opposed to physical damage.
-There’s so many more items now that I decided to give you a little extra inventory space to start out with.
-Added an Exorcist NPC that will destroy cursed equipment free-of-charge and give you a special item for each destroyed piece of equipment. If you combine five of that special item…
-Added day/night cycled lighting for outdoor areas
-The savegame selection menu now sets files correctly in order without gaps after a file has been deleted.
-Made more attempts to fix the corpse freeze bug.
-Slowed down the wurms considerably because they are too hard to catch with the new escape A.I.!

Update #7

Clarion v0.06 Changelog (It’s a REAL changelog this time!)

Today’s update consists of an afternoon and evening’s worth of bugfixes and very small features. No new gameplay-related junk.

-World and save files from previous versions are now unusable due to a new format being used! Sorry!
-During character creation, the player name field will no longer blank itself after the window loses focus.
-The RETIRE button in the savegame menu will now reset properly after clicking “Sure?”
-Fixed an issue that caused the default mouse cursor to be shown on top of the custom one.
-Fixed a problem that caused the weight of certain items to be loaded at incorrect values
-Fixed the splash screen crash. It was caused by the game attempting to free audio memory that wasn’t there.
-Added a BACK button to the character creation screen.
-Changed up corpses’ code in an attempt to avoid the freezing error. No guarantees. Keep testing this!
-Fixed a mistake that allowed the player to equip a cursed two-handed item and an off-hand item at the same time.
-Characters now have their overencumberence state loaded properly on world load.
-You can no longer automatically use world objects with WASD when overencumbered
-Unnecessary messages related to attack range have been removed.
-ATTACK and USE tools now have a different effect when used on items and don’t show messages when used on the UI as opposed to the game world.
-Corrected a mistake that prevented correct item descriptions from showing on loaded games/maps.
-Improved encapsulation of more world reading and writing functions to guarantee consistency. This is to get the system ready for on-the-fly overworld loading.
-Items can now be swapped in the inventory.