Current Status

Yesterday, I finished up the character creation screen. Works well.

In order to reach the first phase of the game’s development, it must start to play like a typical roguelike. That is, one dungeon with lots of floors, get to the end and win. (Or maybe I won’t put an end, and you just have to see how far you can get without dying. The experience level cap is 150, so it’ll go pretty far.)

For the next update, I need to add:

-More weapons, equipment, and item types.

-Randomly generated and automatically scaled item stats.

-More enemies which scale their level based on dungeon floor.

-The ability to move between dungeon levels.

It may take me two or three days to get this all working.

After that phase of the game is complete, I’ll start working on the open-world aspects:

-Randomly generated overworld with a variety of terrain types. Each terrain tile gets its own map generation algorithm for if you want to set up camp, grind on monsters, look for items, etc.

-Randomly generated towns with persistent NPC’s that remember you and do their own thing while you’re away. You can trade with them or hire them to fight with you. Or date them? I don’t know.

-Randomly placed dungeons of several types, each with a final floor where you can find a clarion to destroy and a boss battle.

-New Game+ and New Game++. First is for levels 1-50, second 51-100, last 101-150.

-Difficulty settings.

-A customizable skill system for classes.

-Oh, and the four races and four classes.


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