World Wide Work

I did two things to Clarion today.

First, I added a time system, for later work on day-night cycles and for determining certain time-based events. There are ticks, tocks, and days. 100 ticks make a tock, and 1000 tocks make a day. A tick is the smallest unit of time in Clarion, and is used to measure how long an actor’s turn is. See that number on your weapon with a “T” next to it? That’s how many ticks it adds to your turn burden after you attack with it, by default (using your fists), it’s around 50, movement is a little lower than that: around 30. Both are reduced by your Fleet stat.

Second, and most importantly by a large margin, I added functions to the game for saving and loading the game world. This includes tiles, items, enemies, NPC’s, and objects, but NOT the player, his items, or his companions and their items. The latter will be saved directly to the player’s save file and possibly encrypted. The maps load very quickly, thankfully.

The world files are named like “s1_7_61_0.wrl”. The first number is the savegame that the world is associated with, the next three numbers are the X,Y, and Z location of the world file in the game’s er… world. They’re called world files, but they’re really just chunks of the world, or floors of a dungeon for example. At Z:0 is the overworld, the place you can explore and find towns, etc. But if you find a dungeon entrance or tower or something like that, to descend into it means for your Z value to change. Basically, the world chunks are stored in 3D! At first there will just be a linear dungeon for you to test, but much later on, I’d like there to be a seamless overworld that loads as you walk across it, generating new terrain where none has been saved, and loading terrain that has. I may even force you to walk to get to places! Now wouldn’t THAT be hardcore immersive! I also thought ahead and had the .wrl files use the new ticktock time system to record when you last visited them. This can be used to, say, repopulate an area with monsters, treasure, and events based on how long it’s been since you were last there, making exploration that much more rewarding.

There’s still tons of work to do, so I’ll just leave it at that and get some rest.


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