If the wurms don’t get you, the bugs will.

Why didn’t you tell me this game was so buggy!?

Well a friend of mine started playing the latest release and found some bugs. And I’ve fixed them for the later next version!

-Moving up or down a dungeon level while an item was on the ground next to you causes an error.

-Exploit: One could “drag” a heavy overencumbering item (like corpses), by picking it up from one square away, then dropping it. Rinse, repeat. I like this mechanic actually, so to balance it out, picking up items now has a small turn delay. This is so you can’t easily outrun something as you drag an object. It’s also a good way to discourage players from greedily picking up items during combat.

-Picking up, putting down, then picking up an item reduced its weight to 0 (due to having its “amount” variable erroneously set to 0 when being dropped, which is multiplied by its weight to find its total weight)

-When ripping open a corpse, the stat area (weight) doesn’t update.

-Killing yourself gives you experience.

-After dying with a bag equipped, you are told to rearrange your inventory (or some similar message)

-Fixed some variable scope errors caused by stat-getting scripts.

Now that that ordeal is over, its on to randomized weapons, equipment, and items.


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