Update #4

I finished the world saving/loading stuff. It is now implemented in the form of an infinite number of dungeon floors. Each new floor you descend creates a new .wrl file that saves the map and everything on it besides the player. It also increases the WORLD_LEVEL variable, which is used to scale up the level of the monsters as you go. I haven’t added much else though besides fixing some small bugs and making minor optimizations, especially to the LOD algorithm. So don’t expect any new items yet.

When I wake up, I hope to get to work on making this little dungeon romp have a little more content variety. New weapons, armor, items, objects, and monsters.

I think I’ll also add some hotkeys for the ‘attack’, ‘use’, and ‘examine’ buttons while I’m at it.

Download the latest version from the usual place up there.


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  1. Yeah, I think at the very least a hotkey for “interact” would be great, at least for opening chests. An attack hotkey isn’t so dire since you can use the arrow keys to attack.

    What other races and classes are you planning on implementing?

    • The reason for me adding a hotkey for attack is that there will be ranged weapons. Then you’d HAVE to use the click attack.

      In line with the “Jurassic/Stone Age High Fantasy” theme of the game, there will be two reptilian races descended from dinosaurs, and two humanoid ones. I already have Croman and Droopkin, next will be a Neanderthal-esque race (opposite to the Cro-magnon “Cromans”), and a hybrid T-Rex-Velociraptor sort of race. Haven’t settled on a name for them yet. But in the Clarion universe, reptiles are referred to as “Kin” and humans “Men”. So where you have Man, Men, Manly, etc., there will be the terms Kin, Ken, and Kinly, etc. The reason for all this is that the game takes place on an alternate-history Earth (named “Grond”) that never experienced the mass-extinction event that wiped out dinosaurs. This also ties into the Clarions, which are alien machines that herald calamity to the planet by shooting rays of light into the sky.

      As far as classes… I’m not really sure yet. Once I start working on the skill system, I’ll start deciding how I want to split that up. For now, there’s just the all-purpose “Adventurer” class. But the classes I want to add will likely denote practical professions rather than combat-related specializations. Something like a trader, or a hunter.

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