Update #5

Changelog (i.e. things I REMEMBER that I changed and added):

-All the previously mentioned fixes in the last blog post.

-May have fixed a freeze-up caused by using corpses. It’s hard to replicate the error because it’s seemingly random (and rare). If the game freezes after you try using a corpse, see if you can let me know.

-Added spears, shields, and salves(replacing cherries) to the types of items that drop.

-Base minimum strike damage is now determined by (Brawn / 3) as opposed to just (Brawn-1). This is to make Armor a more useful stat.

-Added hotkeys for attack, use, and examine. (Q,E,R respectively)

-Completely overhauled the random item generator. Items now have levels, rarities, ranks, and a selection of over 20 modifiers. This scales all the way up to level 150. Gotta collect ’em all!

-You can now see the range of your attack after clicking/pressing the attack button/hotkey.


Have fun with those random items!



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  1. How about increasing the view range? It’s quite silly entering a large hall and being able to see only 4 tiles of it.

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