Update #6

Update’s out!

-Added splash/title screen.

-Added ability to save your game, but only if you quit or restart. If you die, your save is deleted. You can have up to 99 save slots!

-Axes! Weapon racks!

-Monsters’ stats don’t go up QUITE as much from leveling up. You may have a SLIGHTLY easier time of it.

-A buncha-cruncha fixes I can’t remember (really should start writing these down)

-HAVE NOT fixed the corpses that freeze up the game. So look out for that. Plus there’s a new crash that has a chance of happening shortly after you start the game.

-New jingles and sound effects.

-New music loop-point system.

-Hotkeys are shown next to the buttons at the top now.

-New fancy graphic for the item tooltips.

-Cursed items. They cannot be unequipped

I’ll be leaving on a trip tomorrow, so don’t expect any more updates until Monday or (more likely) Tuesday.


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  1. Here are some bugs that I found. I played on the Update #5 version. Some of these are not relevant at this stage of development. I don’t expect you to fix all of this shit. However you should keep these bugs in mind for this game or for your future projects.


    -Clicking outside of the window while entering the name erases it.
    -Clicking attack or interact inside of the interface gives the message “That’s too far away to strike”. Should have no message at all.
    -Lighting area is too big on the walls. Make it light only the directly adjacent walls, not diagonally. See screenshot.

    -Tiny maps. This might be a bug with level generation. See screenshot. On the topic of generation, I’ve also seen rooms out of white brick that are inaccessible.

    -Twice, I left the game open (in-game) and locked my computer. When I came back it was closed.
    -Why do you start initially with 50 weight for Croman or 40 weight for Droopkin, while carrying nothing?
    -I got the corpse freeze bug. It was from the first worm I killed. I left clicked it and moved it into my inventory. Then left clicked it, clicked with it on the On Ground: box (I know nothing is supposed to happen from doing this), put it back into the inventory, right clicked it and it froze. Screenshot for whatever reason.

    -If you’re carrying too much weight to move and are next to a staircase, moving in the direction of the staircase will make you use it.
    -Not sure what happened but these 3 corpses have 10 weight. It happened when I was testing the previous bug. I dropped some items. Went up/down stairs. Moved corpses around.

    Minor bugs:

    -When using a 2 range weapon and trying to attack an unexplored tile within range, it says “That’s too far away to strike!”.
    -Using attack or interact on an item picks up the item. It should either turn the cursor into a normal cursor and do nothing, or display an error message and keep the cursor as interact/examine.
    -Can see the sides of walls at the bottom of the screen. I’m not sure if this is easy to do but maybe you could add another row of tiles under the text box.

    -Message area is too small. When more than two things happen in one turn the text can’t be read. I don’t think anyone will ever read fight messages but you could add scroll buttons like next to the inventory if you feel that’s necessary.
    -Super minor that you really shouldn’t fix this: When you level up and get those + buttons, if you hover the cursor over a button and hold move in any direction, and while moving click, when you stop moving the button will appear pressed.
    -Not sure what the intended behavior is, but sometimes worms don’t walk on staircases. Sometimes they do.
    -When I went down stairs I appeared on top of a worm.

    Unintuitive or possibly not a bug:

    -When pressing Q to attack with a 2 range weapon, and pressing in the direction of a monster that is 1 tile away, the player will try to attack the tile between him and the monster. It should attack the monster.
    -Moving items around is unintuitive. Here is a list of suggested modifications:
    Be able to pick up equipped items with left click.
    Be able to swap the picked up item with an item that is clicked on. Item that was clicked on becomes currently held. Basically same behavior as in most RPG inventories.
    Be able to drop items on the ground by dropping them into the On Ground: box.
    -This one may be intentional. Cannot open a chest when you’re standing on top of it.
    -Currently keys are used automatically and no one would bother examining every single door. Sometimes you don’t want to use a key on a door.

  2. The corpse freeze might be caused by item generation. It might be trying to generate an item with a buggy property. Check if every property works. Also check if every item works. Also if there’s an item color rarer than light blue, check if that works too.

    • I’ve tested item generation quite thoroughly, I’ve generated thousands of items at once with no problems, and they all had the proper modifiers. I suspect the problem is an infinite loop somehwere in the Corpse’s ON_USE event. I’ve been rummaging through that code, fixing variable scope errors (the most common cause of such loops), but the Corpse calls many functions, and those functions call yet more functions. There’s a lot to look for and it could be tricky to find the cause. It’d be far simpler to debug if I could find some way to CAUSE the freeze intentinally. Then I’d be able to insert indicators between key parts of the code and narrow down where the problem lines are. When I get back I’ll try what you did to see if that causes it consistently.

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