Update #7

Clarion v0.06 Changelog (It’s a REAL changelog this time!)

Today’s update consists of an afternoon and evening’s worth of bugfixes and very small features. No new gameplay-related junk.

-World and save files from previous versions are now unusable due to a new format being used! Sorry!
-During character creation, the player name field will no longer blank itself after the window loses focus.
-The RETIRE button in the savegame menu will now reset properly after clicking “Sure?”
-Fixed an issue that caused the default mouse cursor to be shown on top of the custom one.
-Fixed a problem that caused the weight of certain items to be loaded at incorrect values
-Fixed the splash screen crash. It was caused by the game attempting to free audio memory that wasn’t there.
-Added a BACK button to the character creation screen.
-Changed up corpses’ code in an attempt to avoid the freezing error. No guarantees. Keep testing this!
-Fixed a mistake that allowed the player to equip a cursed two-handed item and an off-hand item at the same time.
-Characters now have their overencumberence state loaded properly on world load.
-You can no longer automatically use world objects with WASD when overencumbered
-Unnecessary messages related to attack range have been removed.
-ATTACK and USE tools now have a different effect when used on items and don’t show messages when used on the UI as opposed to the game world.
-Corrected a mistake that prevented correct item descriptions from showing on loaded games/maps.
-Improved encapsulation of more world reading and writing functions to guarantee consistency. This is to get the system ready for on-the-fly overworld loading.
-Items can now be swapped in the inventory.


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