Update #8

Clarion v0.07 Changelog

-Save files are again made obsolete from older versions.
-Added a Y/N prompt for unlocking doors. Can be used for other things down the line too.
-Corrected an issue that caused objects’ use time to double and/or the Player’s turn to be skipped by one tick. Also removed unnecessary use time for some situations.
(Like trying to open an already opened chest.)
-Added a currency to the game.
-Items now show how much they heal the player when used in the tooltip.
-Added a new “+/-X% Heal Gain” random modifier.
-Fixed a mistake that wiped a character’s level up bonuses on loading a game. Big whoops.
-Fixed the LUCK stat for items and characters not being recorded in save files.
-Added more variation to most of the world tiles
-Added a sort of town area before the dungeon starts.
-Added the first NPC, the gambler. You can buy randomized equipment from him.
-Added an escape rope item. It allows the player to escape to the overworld. One-time use. No way back without walking.
-Attacking an NPC marks you as a villain. This changes how NPCs react to you.
-Greatly Improved A.I. escape routines. They make better paths while running, and will attack if cornered.
-Added a new weapon modifier that allows a weapon to do magical damage as opposed to physical damage.
-There’s so many more items now that I decided to give you a little extra inventory space to start out with.
-Added an Exorcist NPC that will destroy cursed equipment free-of-charge and give you a special item for each destroyed piece of equipment. If you combine five of that special item…
-Added day/night cycled lighting for outdoor areas
-The savegame selection menu now sets files correctly in order without gaps after a file has been deleted.
-Made more attempts to fix the corpse freeze bug.
-Slowed down the wurms considerably because they are too hard to catch with the new escape A.I.!


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