I Swear I’m Not Lazy

I’ve been working on the next update since the last update, go figure. There’s a lot that’s changed.

There’s lots of little fixes and tweaks, more than I’ve recorded. But the most notable things are:

-New lighting effects. Actors have blob shadows, your FOV will be blurred at the edges instead of just being blocky squares of light, and a pseudo ambient occlusion effect has been added to the sides of solid tiles. I was able to add these effects after I made some big optimizations to the world drawer.

-Smoother framerate. I capped the game to 30fps so that it wouldn’t keep rubber-banding between 35 and 60 like it was. You’ll see that it’s a LOT more consistent. A worthy trade-off considering it’s a roguelike with very limited animation.

-I completed the world piece editor, and am using it to populate the town with buildings and other landmarks. It will also be used to put pre-made things into other areas…

-A little clock that tells the in-game time.

Expect the next update around tomorrow or the next day.


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