The next update should be around in about… two or three days at worst. I’ve been hard at work. Here’s some things you can expect.

-Slightly fancier U.I. which also doesn’t break itself when you die.

-A.I. capable of pathing through, opening, and closing doors, but only if they’re humanoid.

-The introduction of active skills/abilities. There’ll only be a handful at first just to make sure it all works. Enemies and NPCs will also have access to such skills.

-A painstaking amount of optimizations. Literally spent a whole day just making the game run better, and oh boy does it. The FOV algorithm, which now runs at an acceptable pace even in open areas with a radius the size of the view, is now more accurate when revealing corners and walls. Also improved performance on the new shadow effects.

-Numerous fixes related to save data. Like one instance where the pathing grid was not loaded correctly. And another where the description of items was set to “0”.


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