Update #10

I didn’t get around to making the skills usable yet, but I did add, fix, and change tons of other things. Most of those changes are less obvious, and more internal. I found myself doing a lot of work related to optimization, A.I., save files, and fixing potential bugs.

Do not attempt loading old saves! I changed more than a few things with saves.

So, there’s not much more gameplay content in this update, it’s mostly just fixes and cosmetic improvements. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it and find some bugs for me…

I’ll spare you the changelog for now, I figure it’ll be more exciting to see the changes yourself. Plus, I didn’t make a changelog and I am sleepy. Leave me alone.


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  1. Can you please add a version at the end of each rar file’s name? I’m really tired of downloading Clarion(3).rar and Clarion(4).rar

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