Update #11

I wish I could have gotten more done, but I was visiting family for most of the day.

-New grass and dirt tiles which match up nicely.

-The ONE skill is now usable. You get skills by placing skill books into open skill slots. You unlock slots with your levelup points. Each slot you unlock is more powerful than the last, meaning that the skill you put in them will be more effective. Didn’t have enough to time to add more skills because…

-I added stamina to the game. Now all characters (except shopkeepers) have to sleep or else they become drowsy. Drowsy characters have some of their stats reduced until they sleep. So far, the player may only sleep at an inn or a normal bed (which are now usable). The  town guards also have their A.I. changed so that they seek out a bed to sleep in at night if they start getting tired. Characters who are sleeping wake up once their stamina is fully refreshed or if they take damage.


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  1. Thanks for fixing lots of stuff from last time.


    -How does drowsiness work? I seem to get drowsy at random times. I get drowsy for only a few turns. I get drowsy right after waking up, in the middle of the day. I couldn’t go to sleep while drowsy and could while not drowsy.
    -I had 127/124 vigor. Might’ve been because of an item that gave vigor, try unequipping one or something. Couldn’t get another one to confirm.
    -When you can’t move from carrying too much, if you drop an item you can start moving, even if the weight is still over the maximum. It works if you use an item too I think (maybe not for stacked items), only tried it with an escape rope.
    -I got a key from a chest. When I right clicked the key to pick it up I got this error:

    Pressed enter to ignore. After that I was getting tons of various errors from items in the inventory. Restarting the game made the errors stop.
    -Save file list scrolls forever in both directions.
    -Again, shouldn’t you start with 0 weight?

    -Can’t get the same message twice in a row. For example if you try to open a locked door without a key, and then try to open another locked door. Or if you examine a door and then examine another door. If this is intentional: normally when you repeat an action you expect to get the same message every time. I don’t see any reason to disable displaying the same message more than once in a row.
    -Quotation marks around speech text are not needed.
    -In the Thalman description “thalmans” should be capitalized.

  2. Thanks! And about weight, it includes the weight of the character himself. I might go ahead and subtract that from the display though, but I figure somewhere down the line, the character’s weight will have a use for something. I suppose I’ll also remove the thing that cancels duplicate messages.

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