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Update #12

v0.11 is out!

There’s tons of little things different, but here’s some major things:

-New weapons, monsters, sounds, effects, and animations.

-Some new voicework, most notably the voice that plays after you die. There’s 30.

-Infinite wilderness. There’s nothing in it yet, but you can now venture out of town into the plains until the computer runs out of numbers. It’s just there to say “I told you I could procedurally generate the game world!”

-More optimizations. I’d say the game is… 10% faster in certain situations.

-Bugfixes out the butt.

-And more!…?


I’m stuck on fixing something important with the code. I’ll have to postpone the update until tomorrow.

Status Report

Woowie! I’m getting tons of work done.

So far I’ve added a lot of new sound effects and animations. The most useful new animation is the projectile effect which can be used to show any number of things moving between places in view. These projectiles are not bound to the grid, they move smoothly between two points on the display, which is not something you typically see in a roguelike. Then again, Clarion is not meant to be typical…

I’ve also spent more time on small subtle features and fixes than I would have liked despite wanting to push for more content, but it is a necessary evil. That’s not to say there isn’t new content, just not as much as I wanted.

Anyway, I’ve decided that today I will make a new release. I’ll cram in as much additional work as I can today, and I’ll just upload whatever’s in the build by late evening.

Status Report

Work has been coming along slowly. I’m pacing myself a lot more. Doing chunks at a time, but it’s coming along.

I want the next released build to be a much larger change than the other updates. New content is the focus for now.

So far I’ve put in a bomb item,  three new skills, enemies that use skills, nine new enemies, and I also fixed a lot of bugs and optimized the game even further.

I slacked off and played Disgaea 4 instead!

Well I did get a little work done, but my rental copy of Disgaea 4 came in sooner than I thought. I very rarely get to play recently-released games, so this has been a treat.

I’m absolutely enthralled by this game… there’s too much to do.

I’ll certainly get back to work after I get my money’s worth out of this. Lord knows when that’ll be.

In brief: NO, I haven’t stopped working on Clarion.


Tomorrow morning, I will end my break from Clarion and get back to work.

Ya gotta take breaks. I really don’t want to burn out on this because I worked too hard! Especially not before I start working on the meat of the game, rather than than the bones like I have been.

Status Report

I took a couple days off to keep from burning out. But I cheated today and fixed some bugs.

Tomorrow… I SHOULD be ready to start injecting more content into the game, rather than work on the gameplay systems themselves. It should make for more interesting updates going forward.