Update #12

v0.11 is out!

There’s tons of little things different, but here’s some major things:

-New weapons, monsters, sounds, effects, and animations.

-Some new voicework, most notably the voice that plays after you die. There’s 30.

-Infinite wilderness. There’s nothing in it yet, but you can now venture out of town into the plains until the computer runs out of numbers. It’s just there to say “I told you I could procedurally generate the game world!”

-More optimizations. I’d say the game is… 10% faster in certain situations.

-Bugfixes out the butt.

-And more!…?


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  1. I keep getting “Unexpected error occured when running the game.”

    and then it closes

    • Check to see if you have antivirus software that interferes with it. Turn it off then see if the game works. You also may not have enough spare memory, but that’s not likely as the game has a very small memory usage.

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