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Release v0.13


(Previous saves are incompatible!)

-You may now choose from four different death penalties during character creation!
-A town is placed under the player after world generation. (Will be changed later.)
-Sleeping at the Inn no longer leaves you with a grogginess effect.
-Corrected log message order for skullbomb explosion and waking up.
-Trees no longer appear on invalid tiles.
-Some objects now refer to the player by name when used, rather than “You…”
-The effects of drowsiness are now far more severe. You become even slower and less accurate. Your concentration will drain. And your brawn will be halved.
-Fixed a bug that disabled objects (like stairs) that were supposed to be usable while being stood on.
-The game now has black borders in fullscreen to keep the aspect ratio.
-The value of random contemplation and rejuvenation modifiers has been slightly reduced and proc ten times less often.
-Reduced the amount of cashews that appear.
-Reduced the weight of later-tier shields.
-The arrow keys can now also be used to control the camera.
-Fixed a bug that allowed certain NPC’s to sleep when they shouldn’t be able to.
-Enemies that are not greater than half your level no longer yield any experience points.
-The number of experience points you earn is now reported by the message log.
-Fixed a bug that caused the view to shift out of bounds when entering a cave/dungeon from the surface.
-There are now caves littered around the world.
-You can no longer switch to the world map while an actor has you targeted for combat.
-Characters get a +1 rejuvenation bonus while sleeping.


Release v0.12.1

Just a small batch of fixes and additions. After this, I plan to populate the terrain with some stuff to find and more varied foliage and shapes. Should be much more interesting.



-May have fixed the problem that caused errors/death/crashing when entering a town. Needs thorough testing.

-Sleeping actors no longer evade attacks.

-Sleeping actors show an animated “zZz” effect above their heads.

-Moving on the world map is slightly faster.

-Night time on the surface allows you to see three tiles away instead of just one.

-Nerfed ranged weapons. Buffed axes. Slight buff for spears.

-Gave Teether use of the fireball spell.

-Enemies now have a “bravery” flag. Brave enemies will not run when injured.

-Enemies decide target priority on path distance rather than straight manhattan distance.

-Actors now have a “keen” flag. Actors with keen senses can “see” other actors even behind obstructions. If the player obtains keen senses, actors will

reveal themselves behind walls if they are within your perception range.

-Added a new item “Keenroot”. Eat it to gain keen senses.

-Fixed a bug that created infinite proxy instances and sapped performance over time.

-Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to reduce the tick burden of any action to 1.

-The player may now wake up manually by pressing ‘space’.

-Fixed a bug allowing the town generator to take way too long to generate a town.

-Locked doors now show a little keyhole.

Release v0.12

Grab it. It’s out. Go to the download page.

-A million billion bugfixes and subtle changes. Seriously.

-Planet generator and world map.

-The kinds of terrain tiles have at least quadrupled.

-Improved A.I.

-Improved performance.

-Tooltips for some things on the U.I.

Here’s what was supposed to be in, but I didn’t get the time because of bugs coming at me from all direction out of NOWHERE that I had to fix. (Also Terraria 1.1)

Animals roaming the wilderness.

More items, weapons, skills.

ANYTHING AT ALL in the wilderness. It’s just terrain and trees right now. Think of it as a blank canvas. There are towns with their dungeons though.

Known bugs:

-Walking into a town that’s placed on a forest can crash the game.

-There might be some issues with the inventory related to moving around stackable items. I believe I fixed it, but I’m not 100% certain.

Thinking About Story

I did some programming and spriting today. Of course.

But I also spent some time putting together Clarion’s creation myth and general backstory.

I’ve reached the point in development where I have to start making considerations about what Clarion’s universe involves. How it works, what the conflict is, how it all ties into gameplay progression, and how it affects the environment and characters.

I’m keeping the details secret, just in case anyone cares not to be spoiled, but the main elements are…

-Clarions, (you know, the thing this game is named after) are fountains of burning-hot light that shoot out from underground into the sky. Each is guarded by a boss enemy/s who may or may not explain parts of the story to further it along.

-Magic exists and is explained via the creation myth, but most creatures on Grond have limited use of it if any, magical talents are rare and rarely used (exception being the player). The existence of the “sprites” and the reason weapons and equipment have random modifiers is also explained. The races themselves, and the dichotomy between animals and monsters also has roots in the creation myth.

-There are no active gods. There are beings similar in form and function to angels and demons, but neither are inherently good or evil, they are individuals from far away that happen to have stronger magical powers, immortality, and greater knowledge of the game’s conflict.

-The protagonist possesses an object that allows only him/her to resolve the conflict. This object is “upgraded” to give the player more abilities as the game progresses. For most of the game, the protagonist will only have vague knowledge of why he/she has to do what he’s doing.

-The antogonists have an actual motive, as opposed to “I’m evil, so I’m going to do evil things.”

-The player will have three choices at the end of the story. They can ignore the situation and continue playing (and come back to it later), they can choose one ending to start a more difficult new game+ on a newly-generated world, or they can choose the other and allow the antogonists to have their way, which forces the player into an infinite dungeon that they cannot return from that’s on a timer, when the timer is up or the player dies, the story concludes, and the player’s file is replaced with a tombstone accessible from the main menu that contains playthrough stats and a special spot for how far you progressed in the final dungeon. (Retiring a normal save or dying on a permadeath save will give you a similar tombstone, but there will be no final dungeon score.)