Release v0.12

Grab it. It’s out. Go to the download page.

-A million billion bugfixes and subtle changes. Seriously.

-Planet generator and world map.

-The kinds of terrain tiles have at least quadrupled.

-Improved A.I.

-Improved performance.

-Tooltips for some things on the U.I.

Here’s what was supposed to be in, but I didn’t get the time because of bugs coming at me from all direction out of NOWHERE that I had to fix. (Also Terraria 1.1)

Animals roaming the wilderness.

More items, weapons, skills.

ANYTHING AT ALL in the wilderness. It’s just terrain and trees right now. Think of it as a blank canvas. There are towns with their dungeons though.

Known bugs:

-Walking into a town that’s placed on a forest can crash the game.

-There might be some issues with the inventory related to moving around stackable items. I believe I fixed it, but I’m not 100% certain.


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