Release v0.12.1

Just a small batch of fixes and additions. After this, I plan to populate the terrain with some stuff to find and more varied foliage and shapes. Should be much more interesting.



-May have fixed the problem that caused errors/death/crashing when entering a town. Needs thorough testing.

-Sleeping actors no longer evade attacks.

-Sleeping actors show an animated “zZz” effect above their heads.

-Moving on the world map is slightly faster.

-Night time on the surface allows you to see three tiles away instead of just one.

-Nerfed ranged weapons. Buffed axes. Slight buff for spears.

-Gave Teether use of the fireball spell.

-Enemies now have a “bravery” flag. Brave enemies will not run when injured.

-Enemies decide target priority on path distance rather than straight manhattan distance.

-Actors now have a “keen” flag. Actors with keen senses can “see” other actors even behind obstructions. If the player obtains keen senses, actors will

reveal themselves behind walls if they are within your perception range.

-Added a new item “Keenroot”. Eat it to gain keen senses.

-Fixed a bug that created infinite proxy instances and sapped performance over time.

-Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to reduce the tick burden of any action to 1.

-The player may now wake up manually by pressing ‘space’.

-Fixed a bug allowing the town generator to take way too long to generate a town.

-Locked doors now show a little keyhole.


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