Release v0.13


(Previous saves are incompatible!)

-You may now choose from four different death penalties during character creation!
-A town is placed under the player after world generation. (Will be changed later.)
-Sleeping at the Inn no longer leaves you with a grogginess effect.
-Corrected log message order for skullbomb explosion and waking up.
-Trees no longer appear on invalid tiles.
-Some objects now refer to the player by name when used, rather than “You…”
-The effects of drowsiness are now far more severe. You become even slower and less accurate. Your concentration will drain. And your brawn will be halved.
-Fixed a bug that disabled objects (like stairs) that were supposed to be usable while being stood on.
-The game now has black borders in fullscreen to keep the aspect ratio.
-The value of random contemplation and rejuvenation modifiers has been slightly reduced and proc ten times less often.
-Reduced the amount of cashews that appear.
-Reduced the weight of later-tier shields.
-The arrow keys can now also be used to control the camera.
-Fixed a bug that allowed certain NPC’s to sleep when they shouldn’t be able to.
-Enemies that are not greater than half your level no longer yield any experience points.
-The number of experience points you earn is now reported by the message log.
-Fixed a bug that caused the view to shift out of bounds when entering a cave/dungeon from the surface.
-There are now caves littered around the world.
-You can no longer switch to the world map while an actor has you targeted for combat.
-Characters get a +1 rejuvenation bonus while sleeping.


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  1. Hmm, Maybe its just my computer, I dont know…But everytime I start the game I get an error :/ I’m on a vista…Does that make a differnce at all?

  2. “Floating point devision by zero”

    • I’ve not heard of this error before. It may be a directX-related problem. If you haven’t, try updating directX to the latest version or grabbing your video card’s latest drivers.
      It should be compatible with Vista.

  3. Ahh, Thanks. All I needed to do was update my video card driver ^_^

  4. Yep its working, seems like a great game so far 😀 Thanks for the advice

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