Monthly Archives: January 2012

Returning to Work?

Hope so!

I’ve been distracted lately, mostly college preparation, but I should be ready to start back up on making updates. Yesterday I took care of a few bugs, but didn’t really add anything significant.

Here’s my current to-do list.

-Add foliage and other decoration to biomes. (Evergreens, canopy trees, rocks)

-Add a starting player home, where they can sleep/heal/store items.

-Make items combinable (ex: bright sprite) and give them a [combine event] trigger.

-Add a display for leveling bonus points.

-Add a display for stamina

-Add some animals in the wilderness to grind on.

-Add options menu. Has music and soundFX sliders etc. This data needs to be saved/loaded to/from a config file.

-Add player file mortems that show stats of deceased/retired characters.

~Use speech bubbles instead of the message log for dialogue?

-Add confirmation for ESC exit.

-Make the load game menu not scroll infinitely.

-Make less trees in a forest when there’s a POI there.