Monthly Archives: February 2012


I’ve been picking at the framework for the revision of Clarion in C++. This involves some lower-level stuff than I’m used to, but it’s working out just fine so far. I should be able to have a very basic world display prototype within a week or two. And later, I’ll have the new guys introduce themselves here. This game is now a team effort. We’ll even have a studio. When all the legal stuff is out of the way, we’ll unveil more details.



I was thinking of translating Clarion into C++. GM is just too slow for me to do the things I WANT to do. And I think I’ve figured out more than enough C++ tricks to actually do this. It would also involve redoing ALL of the graphics, but not necessarily all of the logic. It should be encapsulated well enough to be an easy translation. Of course I would have to rewrite a whole lot of things to work in C++, but it’d be worth it.

If I ported it to C++, I’d improve/add the following:

-Scalable display with proper graphical frames instead of pre-drawn backgrounds for menus.
-Isometric view of the game world with smoother scrolling and movement of objects across tiles (sliding movement as opposed to popping)
-Larger sprites and tiles
-Support for idle animations for tiles/people/monsters/creatures and improved visuals on items as a result. This is possible due to the lack of GM’s ridiculous object overhead and speed problems.
-Finally, the LOS algorithm will work fast enough to be practical and worldgen won’t take five damn minutes.
-Better-implemented code all-around due to having the opportunity to redo it and put in framework features and optimizations I should have put in before.
-Easier tileset modability by simply replacing pictures in the appropriate folders.

Can’t do any of this until I get a new computer, but I’m just throwing that out there as a possibility.