Monthly Archives: March 2012

Status Update

Right now I’m trying to convert the skeleton of the game to Allegro 5, as opposed to 4.

I WAS attempting to harness hardware acceleration in 4, but it turned out to be a major hassle in such an outdated API. Turns out 5 is far newer, and more suited to my needs.

Should be an easy conversion, the code isn’t very bloated yet.

After this I should be moving on to lighting and animation for the world view.




Hey, it’s actually coming together.


Today, in the Clarion++ framework, I squared away a lot of small things, but one big one was A* pathfinding, a huge component of Clarion’s A.I. and worldgen.

I was up all night debugging my implementation and it’s finally ready for use elsewhere in the game.

Anyway, this is the last of the “really hard things I was afraid of having to do myself because I’m programming this in C++”. From now on, components should fall into place much faster.

This shot was running in-engine. It lets you create blocks and move the yellow square to wherever you click, tracing its path along the way. The path pictured here resolved instantly. Is it my algorithm, or is C++ just that fast?