Ex Why Zee

I got a LOT of work done today as far as reorganizing the objects in the code goes. It’s… cleaner… not sure how to explain. I also delegated the storage of tile data to its own class (in non-jargon, a class is a sort of container for data and functions). So a tile will contain the actors and objects sitting on it, where it needs to be drawn on the screen (without camera offset, but INCLUDING a new drawZ value for height. Nifty!), the tile image it uses, and it also handles its own drawing events and has been integrated into the A* algorithm to allow me to give a movement cost to a tile other than 0(empty) or -1(blocked).

This transfer to allegro 5 broke the thing that allowed me to put a mouse selector onto the isometric map, so I’ll have to fix that later. Hassle.




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