Blue Man Group

In order to make way for the ability to add more than one kind of character in the game, I had to refactor and add a lot of things to the base actor implementation, so it took a while. Now that it’s squared away it’ll be easier to do the same thing for other kinds of objects in the game, since now I have a sort of template I can go back to and see “oh right, that’s how I set that up…”

Anyway, I tested this by adding about fifty of these A.I. controlled blue guys who just zip around the screen really really fast. Surprisingly, the framerate was also really really fast, despite all those pathfinding calls. It’s good to know that a bunch of actors on screen doesn’t slow anything down. Especially good seeing as how the actors were having their A.I. logic run about 50-100x more often than would be in an actual gameplay scenario, which is turn-based and slowed down.



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