The Future of Clarion

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Much to some people’s disappointment.

This project is on the backlog indefinitely while I work on Foxhole: Scrapshoot

When I’m finished (or bored) of that, I’d like to restart development on Clarion.

For a short time I was trying to redo the project in C++, but then Game Maker: Studio was released and invalidated the point of working in C++, which was simply to get better performance. With GM:S’s better optimization and portability along with upcoming native C++ compiling support and general ease of use since I’m very experienced with it, I’d like to someday make Clarion in GM:S, better and faster than I ever could have made it before. I won’t have to reinvent much since I have all the old code.

To familiarize myself with the changes in GM:S, I started experimenting with a simple platformer. One thing led to another and I decided to create a game based on my webcomic Foxhole, to spiritually follow the old GM8 project Foxhole (which funnily enough, the comic itself is based on).

Foxhole: Scrapshoot should be an indication of the improved performance I’m talking about. Compared to the original GM8 version of Clarion, it runs at twice the framerate (60),  up to 1080p as opposed to 800×600, and with twenty times as many tile-based graphics onscreen.

I’m aware of some people that were following Clarion and are uninterested in Foxhole or find it to be offensive to their taste. I’ve heard it called “a waste of your talent” among other harsher things. I knew to expect that kind of reaction and I understand that the two games have wildly different potential audiences. I just ask that you have patience while I pursue other projects.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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