The old Game Maker version of Clarion can be downloaded here. For WinXP/Vista/7

There are no public releases of the current C++ rewrite of Clarion. (YET)

Current Development Stage: ALPHA

This software is free to download and use during early development for testing purposes.

To support Clarion and its development staff,  report any bugs you find or submit suggestions.

v0.13- December 10, 2011


WASD: Move / Auto-attack / Auto-use (solid objects)
Hold Space: Wait / Wake Up

Numpad 8,4,5,6,2: Move view.

Hotkeys: Q-Attack, E-Use, R-Examine, M-World Map, 1-9 to activate skills.

Press F9 to take a screenshot. It’s stored in the game’s working directory.

Right-click on the world to use the activated skill.

Press the button under the health and concentration bars to alter the game speed (number of turns simulated per frame).

Hold shift while left-clicking items in your inventory to manipulate one item at a time in a stack.
Right click an item in your inventory to use/equip.
Right click an item in your equipment area to unequip it.

To attack manually, click the sword button at the top right, then click a target.

To use an object manually, click the hand button at the top right, then click an object in the game world.

To examine an object, item, or character, click the eye button at the top right, then click what you want to examine.

  1. Gives a “Floating point division by zero” error at startup, then “Unexpected error occurred when running the game.”, then crashes.

  2. It’s unplayable for me it some ressons makes my cpu go to 100% and then crashes when its makeing the world

    • It may appear to crash, because other programs interfere with the window focus and it causes the loading prompt to stop updating, but it is definitely still loading, just let it sit for a while longer.

  3. Great game so far. Ran into a few problems.

    *First game I played I died upon entering the town?! Had to start again.
    *How do I get started? Don’t seem to have any cashews or equipment. Became drowsy and couldn’t afford to stay at the inn 😦
    *I found 1 monster in the whole first dungeon and it took all my health to kill it.

    • 1. It’s a bug! Woops.

      2. You can sleep in any bed, but Inns are faster and restore all your health.

      3. Try the dungeon in the first town under you, then after you get some levels, explore the others.

      And another thing to note, since the game is missing a lot of intended features (it is in alpha after all), the gameplay will be a bit broken and low on variety.

  4. Thanks for the prompt response. Keep up the good work. you’re really onto something here 🙂 Nice to see an artist / developer working on something… it really show!

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