What Is Clarion?

Clarion is a work-in-progress 2D graphical roguelike.

In Clarion, the player creates a character and uses them to travel a randomly generated world in search of treasure, adventure, and monsters to slay.

Clarion’s world is unique to itself.  Little influence from existing fantasy universes is present. Its combat and stat mechanics are home-brewed and break more than a few conventions, especially in relation to other roguelikes.

The Clarion team is currently not in need of any more help. If a new job needs taking care of that we can’t do, an announcement will be made.

Initially, Clarion was being developed in Game Maker 8. Recently, after acquiring some artists (and new programming skills), Clarion is being rewritten in C++ to take advantage of hardware acceleration, better performance, new effects, animation, and an isometric view among other features.

  1. “No influence from existing fantasy universes is present.”

    Then why are there cutebolds?

    • Not sure what a “cutebold” is, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar it’s something I saw once and subconsciously leeched as inspiration. It happens.

      • A Cutebold is another name for a kobold. The third creature in your concept art resembles a kobold in its facial structure.

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